Water Treatment Systems & Technology

Access to clean, safe drinking water is essential for health. BushProof offers end-to-end water treatment solutions from filtration innovations to disinfection technology to provide water free of bacteria, parasites, viruses and chemicals.

Our team surveys water sources and community needs to engineer customized treatment systems using appropriate technology:

  • Large Slow Sand Filters: Our design provides low-cost biological filtration for whole villages.
  • Custom Filtration Solutions: We integrate filtration technology like ultrafiltration and activated carbon tailored to the unique water chemistry challenges in any area.
  • Biosand Filters: Our locally built systems filter household water relying on simple materials. 
  • Chlorination: We dose water with calibrated chlorine solutions to kill pathogens.
  • Desalination: Our reverse osmosis systems remove salt and minerals from brackish water or seawater. 

We also offer ongoing maintenance, repairs, and training to promote adoption and proper use of water treatment methods. Contact BushProof to implement effective water purification innovations across Madagascar.

Visit our Biosand Filter page if you are interested in reading more about this particular technology. If you would like help running a training, click below for more information. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions on water quality treatment.