With 20 years of specialized expertise, BushProof maintains the most comprehensive hydrogeological data resource  for the south of Madagascar publicly available. We continuously collect, process and share knowledge to empower sustainable groundwater extraction and water access projects across the island.  

The objectives of our work are :

  • Improving knowledge of the hydrogeology of Madagascar
  • Producing tools of interest for the development of groundwater use in Madagascar
  • To disseminate and improve access to relevant data for the water sector
  • Improving the quality of work in the sector

This webpage is dedicated to the publication of data and products concerning Madagascar’s hydrogeology and groundwater resources.

The latest publication was funded and created with the support of two hydrogeologists from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). It is a cartographic tool designed to improve knowledge of how groundwater functions in southern Madagascar, as well as some thematic maps. This tool was produced in 2023.

Carte thématique ZH40_001
Carte thématique ZH20_001
Carte thématique ZH10_001