Hydrogeological Surveys & Groundwater Studies

BushProof has two decades of specialized expertise in quantitative hydrogeology across the diverse regions of Madagascar. We conduct comprehensive hydrogeological surveys and groundwater resource studies to create data-backed strategies for sustainable water supply projects.

Our hydrogeology services involve:

  • Geology & Climate Analysis
  • Aquifer Evaluation – Recharge Rates, Extraction Volumes
  • Piezometry Modeling
  • Test Pumping & Data Acquisition
  • Geophysical Exploration
  • Hydrochemistry Analysis
  • Groundwater Modelization

These quantitative assessments allow us to thoroughly analyze underground water abundance, flow rates, sustainability for abstraction, and more to engineer appropriate water well and supply solutions.

Whether your projects require robust hydrogeological surveys before infrastructure installations or ongoing monitoring and management of operational water points, BushProof brings cross-disciplinary expertise in Madagascar hydrogeology.

With our localized knowledge and technical specialization, we create customized recommendations to leverage groundwater resources effectively across challenging environments.