Madagascar Team

We have a diverse team that brings together years of experience in water services in Madagascar and abroad. Every team member, including office personnel, has spent time in the field getting to know our products and the people they serve. In addition to the key staff shown below, we have dedicated staff who act as drillers, mechanics, welders, machine technicians, masons and construction experts. Our staff numbers 50 full-time members.

Senior Management

Serge Ranaivojaona

Managing Director

Serge is a Malagasy national with 20+ years of senior management experience in the commercial sector. Entrepreneurial and creative in his approach toward bringing in new projects and partners, Serge relishes a new challenge when it arises. He is a team builder at heart and leads by way of example through valued principles. His mandate is to provide strategic planning and goal setting, to develop and initiate new business models and to manage day to day operations and finance.


Mathieu Monteleone

Technical Director

Mathieu is a Swiss national who studied Geography, Geology and Hydrogeology and has 15+ years of experience in groundwater study and water supply in Madagascar. Today, as Technical Director of the company, he proposes custom solutions to meet the needs of a variety of clients. His primary responsibilities are organizing the tech team and managing diverse projects throughout the country. His specializations are water well drilling and groundwater abstraction.


Admin Team

Gina Raveloharimalala

Administrator & HR Manager

Rojonirina Rajaonarivony

Administrative Assistant

Holisoa Raharijaona


Tojo Randrianasimanana

Sr. Accountant

Rindra Ny Aina Andriantsalama


Tech Team

Tahinamalala Raharinosy

Hydrogeologist – project coordinator

Hasina Ravaolahy

Drilling Engineer

Miora Ramaromisa

Water Engineer

Dera Randrianarisoa

Water Engineer / Construction Supervisor

Charlie Herilala Andrianiaina

Water Engineer


Aina Nirina Andrianarisolo

Data Engineer

Hasimbola Ratsimbazafy

Construction Supervisor