Water Quality Testing & Analysis

Access to safe, clean water depends on thorough quality testing and analysis. BushProof operates an in-house lab and uses field expertise to conduct comprehensive water quality assessments across Madagascar.

Our water quality solutions include:

  • Bacteriological Testing: We rapidly detect coliform levels.
  • Physical Testing: Key attributes like temperature, conductivity, turbidity and TDS are measured.
  • Chemical Analysis: Our sensitive tools identify major ions, heavy metals and minerals.
  • Pollution Evaluation: We diagnose and monitor sources of biological, chemical and hazardous waste pollution in aquifers .

BushProof provides gold-standard water quality reporting aligned with international standards. Our accurate testing data empowers sound decision making for water management and infrastructure investments.

We make water quality testing accessible from remote villages to urban hubs across Madagascar. Contact our water experts today to discuss tailoring our versatile water analysis services to your needs.