Care Homes Strategy for Infection Prevention & Control of Covid-19 Based on Clear Delineation of Risk Zones

This is a holding page for the document Care homes strategy for Infection Prevention & Control of Covid-19 based on clear delineation of risk zones.

This strategy builds upon current UK government guidance, but in addition it

  • Expands the concept of infection prevention by clear delineation of risk zones for the entire building (rather than just rooms with patients) – this type of zoning strategy is what has been proven to be very effective in previous SARS and Ebola outbreaks, and should also be effective with Coronavirus.
  • It also attempts to add some more pragmatic detail for certain elements. For example, how to practically re-purpose PPE using chlorine, and how to make chlorine dilutions.

The document is meant as a practical aid for care home managers to be able to implement effective infection control in their particular context. It is acknowledged that there will be a whole range of different types and set-ups of care home depending on the level of care required (e.g. nursing, care, sheltered housing), where each which will need a context-based response. However, the idea here is for managers to be able to use/adapt this document for their own context, yet doing so in the light of what we know about Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) through use of clear delineation of risk zones.