Carbon balancing

BushProof balances carbon emissions

In light of the global climate emergency, BushProof is now taking the lead in being responsible for the carbon emissions produced by its activities. It is doing this through calculating the emissions produced, and balancing the carbon through a tree planting initiative in the UK run by Forest Carbon and certified by the Woodland Code. In the first stage, we are balancing carbon produced by travel to a training that we ran for ICRC in Kenya during October, which had 17 participants fly in from different countries as far away as the Philippines – the carbon produced from the flights and road transport for all participants and facilitators equated to 27 tonnes, which is now being balanced. Our subsequent plans are to balance carbon for every future training, as well as our annual fuel consumption from all of our drilling activities (machines and transport) in Madagascar. We hope that this can inspire action within other engineering and humanitarian organizations with large carbon footprints.