Mathieu Monteleone

Mining for water in the South

BushProof is working alongside with Primary Water Technologies (PWT) and Lanoé Forages on an innovative exploration and water prodution project fund by UNICEF in the South of Madagascar. An international team is mobilized (USA, Russia, Germany, Madagascar, Switzerland) with modern exploration means (radiometrics and passive seismic) allowing to “mine for water”. The objective is to …

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Prospection in perched aquifers in southern Madagascar

BushProof is actually working on the construction of shallow waterpoints exploiting groundwater of perched aquifers in the south of Madagascar. The project aims to improve access to drinking water as well as to provide water for irrigation in the region. We are trying to understand the extent of all shallow perched aquifers in the region …

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BushProof in Dubaï

BushProof has just participated to the 2016 MEDAIR WASH Conference in Dubaï (UAE) and had the opportunity to give 8 sessions on water well design, hydrogeology, GFWS, water treatement, and sanitation. Appreciate the view from the conference room on the 40th floor… Client : MEDAIR

Well inspection service

BushProof now own a borehole inspection camera and proposes inspection service. The camera allows inspection of well until a depth of 100m and is easily movable in the field. Our last client requesting this service wanted a complete evaluation of its two very productive water wells, including camera inspection, pumping test, efficiency and influence observation. …

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Fresh and seawater well on island paradise

BushProof is currently drilling on Nosy Tsarabanjina paradise island (part of Mitsio islands in the north of Madagascar) for one of the finest hotel in Madagascar. The work consists in improving exploitation of existing freshwater lens by builing both a properly sized freshwater intake and a seawater intake for desalinisation purpose. Client : Constance Group, …

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